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R & D Center

Sino-Swiss Boiler R&D Center is a provincial-level enterprise technology center

Committed to the R&D and innovation of boilers, carrying the mission of providing core technical support for Zhongrui Boiler to create an internationally renowned brand
Mainly responsible for the design and development of Zhongrui boiler and boi

After years of exploration and improvement, the technical center has formed a set of management system and operation mechanism suitable for Sino-Swiss characteristics, which has played a big role in the company's production and management and technological innovation. The technology center encourages technological innovation within the enterprise, protects technological innovation achievements, promotes the transformation and application of technological achievements, and encourages the enthusiasm of scientific and technological personnel for technological innovation, and plays an active role in ultimately improving the technological level and market competitiveness of enterprises. The Technology Center has joined hands with research institutes and institutions such as Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shanghai Industrial Boiler Research Institute, and Yangzhou University to combine research work with corporate applications, greatly improving the company's technological innovation capabilities.

equipment Exhibition

Zhongrui Boiler has established a complete set of product quality assurance system by introducing the most advanced production equipment and testing e

Seiko process

14 Seiko craftsmanship creates convenient and fast boilers for users

Quality system

Commitment: Cherish every opportunity to serve customers, do a good job, do it again, make users satisfied, users are not satisfied, we must improve

Quality system + Quality policy + Quality goal +

Standard regulations

All regulations and standards that are activated and implemented by the company are current valid versions. The above excerpts may be replaced by new

Boiler design, manufacturing, inspection, acceptan + Quality assurance management standards + Currently recognized specifications, technical sta +
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